How House Colors Affect Emotions

Have you ever observed that the environment of the spaces in your house have an impact on your state of mind, energy level or sensations? Among the most significant variables in a space that will identify its total impact is its colors. Let’s have a look at what colors have what impacts:



Red is an effective color that can get attention, and has actually even been found to promote brain activity and raise heart rate. Feng Shui states that Front doors that are painted red are fortunate. Red while the color of enthusiasm and desire (red roses, fire, blood, lipstick), can also signal risk or caution (think stop signs or traffic signals) and is also related to sensations of anger. Standard Movie theaters used red drapes, seats and carpets to record a sense of drama. Red is a color that needs to be prevent as the primary color of a space. Nevertheless, red is a wonderful color to use as accent.A terrific way to accent with Red is to use it to accentuate your houses greatest functions.



Blue is known to sooth and unwind, makings it a fantastic color for bedrooms. Blue is the color of the sea and the sky. Spending quality time in a blue space is a fantastic way to de-stress. Blue is also related to tidiness and freshness, so it is an excellent color for restrooms. Take care of Dark Blues as they can be viewed as cold or hostile or dismal.



Yellow is a delighted color (Smiley Faces). Yellow is a fantastic color to use to cheer up a dark space like a basement which has the tendency to dismal. Yellow also works terrific with spaces with great deals of nature light, particularly with great deals of greens like Plants either from a balcony with potted plants or French doors resulting in an outdoors garden.

Yellow is an excellent color which I advise for cooking areas, corridors, living spaces, play spaces and workplaces but prevent bed rooms as it might show too energetic and extreme.




Green is the color of life and balance. Green promotes peace and peace and lies at the center of the color spectrum. Green spaces will appear alive (plants). Green operates in consistency with water, so it is a terrific color for restrooms. Green is works well for bedrooms, which is where you set your balance for the day when getting up and reset when falling asleep. Green works well for studying environments.



White is related to pureness, order, tidiness. White is the brightest color and bounces a lots of light. White is the “Modern” color, you will see the majority of the modern architecture style houses are white. White also can increase understanding of area, so it might make spaces appear more roomy. Beware with excessive white or it may make a space appear medical. Healthcare facilities use white to produce a sense of sterility.



Orange stimulates enjoyment, interest and is an energetic color (orange juice, daybreak). While not a great idea for bedrooms this color is terrific for an exercise space or dining-room or other area you get visitors and captivate. Orange is considered the color of imagination.



Purple is a spiritual and royal color. Many psychics use purple in their reading spaces. Purple motivates self-questioning and is a terrific color for bed rooms, and restrooms



Black takes in light. Black offers a striking background for accent colors and develops depth. Black can be viewed as strong, strange, and independent. Black also represents death, and is very dark- use with care.



The color of earth, Brown can produce a sensation of grounding, familiarity, and convenience. Leather couches and wood floor covering are 2 typical sources of brown in houses. I always think of Ski Lodges when I think brown, they have a lot natural wood and browns in their design, that they feel very comfortable. Brown is a manly color- think cowboys.



Wise, neutral, versatile. Grey is a terrific color to use if you want to make a space look more fully grown, or bring it closer to neutral. Everything opts for gray.